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5 Invisalign Myths

With the commitment that orthodontic treatment requires, you want to make sure that you put in your research to ensure that you’re choosing the best option. While there’s a lot of information out there on the pros and cons of braces vs. Invisalign, there seem to be a lot of myths about Invisalign as well. So we wanted to spend some time breaking down some of the most common Invisalign myths.

Robert Rosenfeld DDS is proud to provide Invisalign treatment to those around Solana Beach, CA. With the knowledge and experience of Dr. Rosenfeld and his team, you can rest assured knowing you’re in the right hands for your treatment. If you’re interested in Invisalign, call our Solana Beach office today! Otherwise, keep reading to learn some of the most common Invisalign myths.

5 Invisalign Myths

  • Invisalign costs way more than braces: If keeping costs low is a priority for you, Dr. Rosenfeld can help you design a treatment plan that matches those needs.
  • Invisalign can’t treat complicated alignment issues: In the right hands, Invisalign is just as capable at treating most any alignment issues as braces. Though, it’s possible that it could take a little longer with Invisalign.
  • Treatment with Invisalign takes longer than braces: On average, braces and Invisalign treatment take about the same amount of time. As we mentioned above, some types of alignment correction can take longer than with braces, but overall, the treatment time is roughly the same.
  • The plastic aligner trays make you talk funny: The aligner trays are designed with precision in mind so that they’ll fit perfectly to your teeth. Once you adjust to wearing aligner trays, they shouldn’t have much effect on your speech.
  • The aligner trays are painful: While there’s an adjustment period when you get Invisalign, most patients cite that it’s more comfortable than braces.

Invisalign with Robert Rosenfeld DDS

After an initial consultation, you’ll have an impression taken of your teeth for your Invisalign trays. Shortly after that, you’ll receive your first set of aligner trays. Each tray is designed to be worn for two weeks before you switch to a new set. This time frame allows your teeth to shift slowly and consistently over time. And don’t be concerned, you won’t need to visit Dr. Rosenfeld every two weeks for a new set of trays. With some planning, you can receive a few sets at a time to minimize your time in the office.

Ready for Invisalign Treatment in Solana Beach?

If Invisalign sounds right for you or your child, don’t hesitate to contact Robert Rosenfeld DDS! Call us today at 858-755-1189 to schedule a consultation today. You can also contact us here.

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