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5 Oral Health Resolutions

Did you have any New Year’s resolutions about general health? Or about your smile? Flossing, maybe? Have you already fallen behind on a resolution? That’s okay! Any day or week can be a time for a new resolution, if you use it to make a healthy habit—or to test a shortcut that will make your life better. 

Here are 5 resolutions you can check out to make your mouth healthier.

1. Try an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have helped some of our patients keep their teeth cleaner. All you have to do is run the brush over every side of each tooth, and the motor does the rest. You should be able to clean off more plaque buildup than ever. 

2. Improve Your Flossing Technique

It may be time to master C-shaped flossing. When you floss, pull the string toward one side of your mouth so it makes a “C” shape against the opposite side of a tooth—and cleans it a little more firmly. You may also need to push a tiny bit deeper into your gums than you have been.

3. Clean Your Tongue

The tongue is an amazing, complex organ. It’s covered in folds and taste buds, and bacteria can hide there. Whenever you brush, remember to carefully brush your tongue, which will take off some of those excess millions of organisms.

4. Eat Less Sugar

Sugar leads to tooth decay. Candy and sugary drinks can feed bacteria that release acid onto your teeth and cause cavities. How can you beat those cravings? Well, sugar-free carbonated water can hit the spot, and sugar-free gum after meals can actually reduce bacteria. (But, hey, having some dark chocolate now and then can’t be avoided, right?)

5. Schedule Dental Checkups

When you want to succeed at almost anything in life, it’s vital to have a supportive team. Schedule your next dental checkup soon, and see us every six months. We can help you catch cavities and other issues—even cancer—before they turn into bigger problems you would regret. 

Let Us Help Keep Your Oral Health in Check!

We hope you’ll pick one or two of these habits and stick with them for at least a few weeks. And call us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rosenfeld as soon as possible. The faster you take action on a plan, the more likely you are to succeed. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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