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7 Ways To Maintain and Protect Oral Health

What do you think of as “health”? Maybe avoiding infectious diseases, eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep. You probably don’t jump to thoughts about your mouth.

Oral health is actually crucial to overall bodily health. A bacterial infection in a tooth can enter the bloodstream and damage organs elsewhere. Broken teeth can limit the nutrition you take in while eating. Oral cancer must be caught early, or it could become life-threatening.

How can you protect and improve your oral health? Check out these 7 tips:

  • Oral Cancer Screenings: Oral cancer is more common than you’d think. To treat oral cancer before it progresses too far, your dentist can check your mouth for swellings, bumps, color patches, asymmetries, and other unusual features.
  • Emergency Dentistry: Whether it be sports, rough-housing, or work accidents, there are a lot of things that can damage a tooth or facial bone—or knock out a tooth. You can receive emergency dental services to restore your oral health. 
  • Nutritional Counseling: Preventing tooth decay is closely related to what you eat and drink. You can discuss your dietary choices with your dentist and learn the foods that decrease bacteria and actually help clean your teeth.
  • Biannual Exams: Keeping a consistent schedule of visiting the dentist is crucial. Your dental team will catch gum disease, cavities, and infections early, along with cleaning hard-to-reach parts of your mouth.
  • Fillings: Saving and strengthening your natural teeth will promote your oral and overall health for longer. The skillful application of a filling can reinforce your natural tooth material, extending the life of the tooth.
  • Fluoride Treatments: Fluoride is a tooth-strengthening mineral that is absorbed by the surface of teeth. A fluoride treatment in the office is much more concentrated and effective than a home mouth rinse or toothpaste.
  • Extractions: Safely removing a tooth is sometimes necessary to protect the other teeth and overall health. If you’re experiencing dental pain, Dr. Rosenfeld can give you an exam to determine if a tooth needs an extraction, filling, or other treatment.

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