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Are X-rays Safe During Pregnancy?

We all want the very best for our children, and that starts before their birth. You take prenatal vitamins, go to birthing classes, read books—and some people even read to their children in the womb. So, should you protect your baby by avoiding the dentist for just a few months? Are x-rays at the dentist office a danger? 

First, dental care is vital to your overall health, as well as your baby’s health. That’s because gum disease and tooth decay can create buildups of bacteria that can enter your bloodstream and damage organs and systems throughout your body. You need to keep your dental appointments in order as part of a total health plan. 

Should You Avoid X-Rays?

But are x-ray scans where you should draw the line? If you need an x-ray as part of an annual checkup, you should get it. We take x-rays in order to ensure that your teeth and jaw are developing safely. They can even help us detect dangerous problems in your tissues. We would not want to miss an impacted tooth or other problem that needs to be corrected quickly. 

Plus, the American Pregnancy Association and American Dental Association both recommend x-rays during pregnancy. The level of radiation used—especially on digital x-rays—is extremely low, even lower than a hospital scan. 

And we can even place a protective coat of lead over your body while we take your x-rays. The scanner will be directed only at your teeth and jaws, while your midsection will be completely isolated from the x-rays. Baby won’t receive radiation at all. 

Our state-of-the-art digital x-ray devices are designed to complete your scans in only a few minutes—and to only use 80% less radiation than traditional machines use. We’ll instantly display your scans on a computer monitor and store them for later too. 

Make a Plan With Us To Protect Your Baby

Even with these precautions, you may still prefer avoiding x-rays during pregnancy, and we will honor that. What you can do is contact us if you have dental checkups or other procedures scheduled. 

Let us make a plan together! Depending on the timing, we could wait until after your first trimester to perform x-rays or wait until after the birth. But remember, we can make x-ray scans safe for your baby. And the scan could catch a problem that would otherwise become an emergency that could endanger you and your baby. 

The best attitude is to be open to communication with us. Believe it or not, we all care about both you and your baby. Tell us your needs, and we can find a solution together that satisfies both your peace of mind and our best medical practices.

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