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Let’s Go Back to the Roots

Many patients are nervous about root canal therapy, but once they understand that it can relieve pain and improve their quality of life, they usually change their minds. Anatomy of a Tooth Why would someone need a root canal? It starts with the structure of our teeth. Each tooth is made of inner and outer

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How To Use At-Home Whitening Kits

At Robert Rosenfeld DDS, we offer incredibly convenient and customized teeth whitening kits. While we do explain how to use these kits when we give them to you, it’s always good to have a refresher! Applying the Gel At-home kits are a popular way to whiten your teeth. They’re usually worn while you sleep, so

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Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a common problem. Many people find a trip to the dentist more daunting than a job interview or more terrifying than skydiving. Unlike skydiving, however, if you avoid the dentist, you’ll be met with some serious health complications. How Robert Rosenfeld DDS Can Help Keeping this severe fear of the dentist in

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Bonding Over Dental Bonding

Sometimes the less intense dental treatments like dental bonding just don’t get enough attention. Sure, it’s not a root canal, but tooth bonding can still make a huge difference in the lives of our patients. So here’s to dental bonding, the unsung hero of cosmetic dentistry. What Is Dental Bonding? Dental bonding is made out

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How Many Years Do Dental Implants Last?

A dental implant can hold a dental crown that will replace a lost tooth. And a few dental implants can support an appliance or dentures to replace a whole arch of teeth. But how long will they last? The reality is that most patients keep their dental implants for the rest of their lives. Implants

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Understand Cavities for Better Oral Health

Do you dread hearing that you have a cavity? Even if you take care of your oral health, it could still happen. So, let’s explore how to notice cavities earlier, get a filling, and prevent future cavities. Do You Have a Cavity? Here are some early warning signs that you might have a cavity: Tooth

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Why Orthodontics Is Important

When we recommend Invisalign® clear braces to our patients, they sometimes ask us why they need orthodontics. “I don’t care if my teeth are crooked,” they say. Honestly, we are delighted when this happens, because it gives us a chance to explain why orthodontic treatment is important to oral health. Health Benefits of Orthodontic Care

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When Should I Consider Cosmetic Treatments?

As you’ve visited our office, or any dental practice for that matter, you might have noticed posters and displays advertising treatments like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and dental bonding. Maybe those displays intrigued you. Who doesn’t want to make their smile look better? But it just never seems like the right time for an extra,

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Can Invisalign Aligners Fix an Overbite?

Your bite alignment is an important part of your smile, facial beauty, and long-term health. The way your teeth line up when you bite down can affect lots of aspects of your smile and your oral health. Here are the different types of bite alignment issues we see frequently at Robert Rosenfeld DDS:  An Overbite: The

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What Is Sedation Dentistry Used For?

You may have heard of sedation dentistry. Dentists, like Dr. Rosenfeld, use these medications to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable during dental services. The techniques we use at Robert Rosenfeld DDS include:  Laughing Gas: A proven mixture of oxygen and laughing gas gives a sense of calm, euphoria, relaxation, and pain relief.  Oral Conscious

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