Smiles For Life

Imagine a program that helps underprivileged children while also providing you with a brighter, more beautiful smile. Hard to picture? This is the Smiles For Life program, a foundation designed to benefit everyone involved! What Is the Smiles For Life program? Smiles For Life is a voluntary charitable program for dentists — and their patients! […]

Wash Before You Floss

If you’re like most adult Americans, you’ve established the habit of brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. Congratulations! You’re on track to maintaining good oral health and keeping your mouth free of plaque, cavities, and gum disease. However, there are a few extra steps that many people don’t consider before they start brushing and flossing. […]

National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! While it might not be the kind of holiday your children look forward to all year, you can make this month fun while also teaching important dental habits that will serve your children well for the rest of their lives. Make Brushing and Flossing Fun! As anyone who’s […]

Dental Safety in Sports

It may not always feel like it when you step outside, but spring is just around the corner. With spring comes spring sports! There’s nothing like exercise and teamwork, but as anyone who’s played sports will tell you, there’s always the occasional trip or stray ball to the face that can put a damper on […]

Proper Flossing Techniques

It’s common knowledge that flossing is an important part of dental health. Flossing removes food debris that can irritate your gums — we’ve all had those post-popcorn regrets! — as well as hard-to-reach plaque that might otherwise cause cavities and gum disease. Even though everyone knows flossing is important, though, not nearly as many people […]

Dental Health Resolutions

It is that time of year again. We are looking at the coming year and trying to decide how we are going to do things differently. Going to the gym and changing diets are mainstays on resolution lists, but have you given a thought to your dental health? Make 2020 the year that you take […]

Sugar-Free Gum for Kids!

Everyone wants to protect their kids from cavities. You help them brush and floss between their teeth. You provide fluoride to strengthen their enamel and limit their sugar intake. You take them to the dentist twice a year. There may be something else you can do to help your kids avoid cavities: give them sugar-free […]

Hard Core Foods

Hard candies. Ice. Jawbreakers. Pits. Popcorn kernels. What do they have in common? All of these can crack your teeth— especially if you have had dental work like fillings. At Risk for a Dental Emergency When you chew hard items like these, you are putting serious pressure on your teeth. Although you may be able […]

Healthy Holidays!

Many of our favorite holidays are here at last! Before the year is through, we will have celebrated a number of joyous times with coworkers, friends, and family. Most of our favorite holidays involve sugar. We dream about our favorite desserts and indulge in the holiday-themed candy that seems to be calling to us everywhere […]

Detecting Gum Disease

Millions of people are suffering from the early stages of gum disease, which is called gingivitis. It is estimated that 47% of adults over the age of 30 are suffering from chronic periodontitis, the later stage of gum disease. As the leading cause of tooth loss among adults, dental professionals are on a mission to […]