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Bottled Water Linked to Tooth Decay

We are very interested in keeping the mouth environment as neutral as possible. When we consume acidic food and drink it creates an environment more conducive to decay. Who would think that bottled water could be a contributing offender?

The pH chart below is informative; please feel free to share it with family and friends.

Wishing you all the best,

Bob Rosenfeld

Find your favorite bottled water and see where it lands on the pH chart

ProductAcid levels (+ or – 10%)
Low = BAD

7.0 = neutral

over 7.0 = Good

Alkalized Ionized water9.5 to 11.5
Tap Water7.00 (neutral)
Penta Water4.0
Distilled Water4.0
Purified Water4.0
Aquafina (made by Pepsi)4.0
Dasani (made by Coke)4.0
Glaceau Fruit Water4.0
Le Blue Water4.0
Metro Mint Water4.0
Smart Water4.0
Vitamin Water4.0
Reverse Osmosis Water and Purified water4.5 – 6.0 (depending on source)
Ice Age Glacial Water4.5
Appalachian Springs Water5.0
Poland Springs Water5.0
Pure American Water5.5
Dannon Spring Water5.5
Arrowhead Water7.0
Crystal Geyser Water7.0
Deep Park Water7.0
Eldorado Springs Water7.0
Supermarket Spring Water7.0
Biota water7.5
Fiji Water7.5
Whole Foods 365 Water7.5
Zephyrhills Water7.5
Eden Springs Water7.9
Deep Rock Water8.0
Evamore Water8.0
Fiji Water7.5
Alkalized Ionized Water9.5 to 11.2

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