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Can Getting Vaccinated for HPV Decrease My Oral Cancer Risk?

NBC News has recently posted an article about how public support for vaccinations has dropped since 2008, but did you know that getting vaccinated can actually decrease your risk for oral cancer?

Studies conducted by the ADA have found that HPV is a major risk factor for developing oral cancer. The virus has been linked to the development of cancerous cells in the mouth. Oral cancer is often deadly and should be taken seriously. While many assume that as long as you don’t smoke, you won’t get oral cancer, this is not necessarily true. Choosing to avoid tobacco is an excellent way to decrease your risk but it isn’t the only step you can take. Getting vaccinated for HPV is another action that can help protect you.

Vaccinations prevent harmful viruses. By choosing to vaccinate, you can protect your own health and the health of the people around you by not allowing the virus to affect you or spread. There are a lot of misconceptions about vaccinations but they have been a useful and necessary tool for preventing disease.


  • HPV is a serious virus that can lead to potentially life-threatening complications including oral cancer.
  • Getting vaccinated for HPV can protect you from the virus and decrease your oral cancer risk.

The AAPD and Dr. Rosenfeld encourage patients to educate themselves about HPV and its oral cancer link. If you are under the age of twenty-seven, it’s not too late to be vaccinated for HPV. If you have questions about vaccinations or HPV and don’t feel well-informed enough to make a decision, we would be happy to help you and answer any questions you have.

Dr. Rosenfeld is passionate about encouraging and promoting actions that his patients can take to avoid oral cancer. Getting an HPV vaccination is a vital and essential step that can keep you protected.

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