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Can Invisalign Aligners Fix an Overbite?

Your bite alignment is an important part of your smile, facial beauty, and long-term health. The way your teeth line up when you bite down can affect lots of aspects of your smile and your oral health. 

Here are the different types of bite alignment issues we see frequently at Robert Rosenfeld DDS: 

    • An Overbite: The top teeth extend too far over the bottom teeth. 
  • An Underbite: The bottom teeth cover the top teeth. 
  • A Crossbite: The upper teeth and lower teeth cross unevenly.

Overbites are a common bite challenge. “What’s wrong with an overbite?” you might ask. Overbites are not just a cosmetic issue. They can cause some serious dental issues.

What’s Wrong With an Overbite?

We want your upper teeth to cover your lower teeth when you bite down, but in an overbite, the upper teeth extend too far, which can make chewing awkward. The overlap might be small, moderate, or severe.

Overbites can cause problems, such as: 

  • Pain during chewing.
  • Difficulty speaking. 
  • Challenges when opening and closing the mouth. 
  • Faster teeth wearing.
  • Cavities.
  • Sleep apnea.
  • Gum disease. 
  • Headaches.
  • Jaw pain.

Overbites lead to health complications often enough that Dr. Rosenfeld recommends checking your bite health during an exam and correcting an overbite with orthodontics as soon as possible.

How Can Invisalign Clear Aligners Correct an Overbite?

In many cases, a standard Invisalign treatment will shift a patient’s teeth and jawline enough to treat their overbite. (Read about the Invisalign process here.)

But when necessary, Invisalign has another system for fixing your bite, which involves:

  • SmartForce Attachments: These are precisely placed anchor points on your dental aligners. 
  • Elastics: These attach to the SmartForce points to move your jaw into the correct position.

Invisalign clear aligners are now able to move the bottom teeth forward and the top teeth back at the same time. Dr. Rosenfeld uses advanced Invisalign software to plan and visualize how the top and bottom teeth will meet. You can even preview your new smile on the computer screen months before it becomes a reality!

Get a Perfect Bite With Invisalign in Solana Beach, CA

If your overbite is too severe for the Invisalign system, we’ll instead recommend a plan that will head off any potential health problems. 

Contact Dr. Rosenfeld for an Invisalign consultation today. We’ll quickly discover how Invisalign can give you an ideal smile and the confidence to show it off.

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