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Why Choose a Kois Mentor?

You may have seen the phrase “Kois Mentor” mentioned while you were looking for a dentist, but have you ever wondered what it means or what added benefits come with choosing a Kois Mentor as your dentist?

What is a Kois Mentor?

The Kois Center, created and inspired by Dr. John Kois, provides continuing education for practicing dentists. Dentists involved with the Kois Center demonstrate that they are willing to work hard and have a strong commitment to making sure their patients always receive the best dentistry services and technology they can offer. As an advanced post-graduate program with a rigorous nine-course curriculum, the Kois Center helps dentists stay up-to-date on the latest advances in restorative and aesthetic dentistry treatments.

A Kois Mentor is a dentist who has already graduated from the Kois Center. They have passed the Mentor exam and attend regular symposiums. Above all, a Kois Mentor is someone who has shown they have a great working knowledge of the Kois Center’s concepts and can help educate and teach other dentists.

Why Might I Want a Kois Mentor as My Dentist?

Choosing a Kois Mentor as a dentist can help you feel more assured that you have chosen a dentist who takes continuing education seriously and will work hard to make sure you’re receiving the best care. Here are a few other reasons you might want a Kois Mentor like Dr. Rosenfeld.

  • Education from the Kois Center makes a huge difference in the dental diagnoses and treatment your dentist can provide.
  • Kois Mentors like Dr. Rosenfeld are passionate about helping other doctors understand and implement principles and skills that can better benefit and serve their patients.
  • Mentoring allows Dr. Rosenfeld to attend courses multiple times to gain new insights and understandings.
  • Preparing for the courses and other opportunities to teach others allows Kois Mentors like Dr. Rosenfeld to continually brush up on dentistry materials and stay up-to-date on the latest innovations and methods.
  • Every class is a new experience. Participants in the courses often ask great questions that allow Dr. Rosenfeld to explore different dentistry topics from different angles and gain new insight.
  • Kois Mentors attend an Annual Symposium every year hosted by Dr. John Kois. During the symposium, all topics are reviewed, most of the literature/studies are reviewed, and any fine tuning to any of the procedures is presented.

Dr. Rosenfeld loves having the opportunity to be a Kois Mentor and enrich the practices and procedures of other dentists. If you’re looking for a great dentist who is passionate about continuing education and utilizing the latest technology, methods, and principles in their practice, you may be looking for a Kois Mentor.

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