Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Solana Beach and Western San Diego

Dr. Rosenfeld’s office offers many amenities to make sure that your cosmetic and routine checkups are comfortable and timely. When you arrive for your appointment, some of our patient amenities include:

  • Satellite radio and television.
  • Games and toys for your children to play with before they sit in the dentist’s chair for the first time.
  • Magazines and refreshments
  • Most importantly, continuing education on good dental hygiene.

What To Expect at the Office

When your appointment starts, you will notice the high quality equipment and technology used in Dr. Rosenfeld’s office:

  • The best intraoral cameras for safe imaging.
  • Clean, warm towels, blankets, and pillows.
  • Digital x-rays, lasers, and other high-tech innovations to meet your healthcare needs.

More importantly, you get access to a caring professional team with decades of service. Dr. Rosenfeld has trained with some of the leading aesthetic and restorative dental experts from around the world.

General Dentistry Services

Dr. Rosenfeld’s office suggests biannual dental cleanings to help remove plaque and tartar, assess your overall health, and develop a long-term plan to maintain a perfect smile. Regular dental checkups include dental imaging and fluoride treatments. These help stop tooth decay before a cavity sets in. Regular dental checkups also include providing fillings when a cavity happens. Dr. Rosenfeld offers composite fillings that naturally match your teeth.

Fine Touches For That Perfect Smile

In addition to those regular checkups, we also offer cosmetic dentistry services. For teeth whitening, Solana Beach dentist, Dr. Rosenfeld, uses a technique that gets you in and out in about an hour. Other whitening solutions include prescribed take-home whitening trays.

Porcelain veneers are also a fast and effective way to add a little bit of zing to your smile. Veneers take two appointments to install. During the first session, your teeth will be shaped to fit the veneer. Dr. Rosenfeld will take an impression and send it off to a lab to make your permanent fitting. At your final session, the veneer will be fitted to your tooth. Dental bonding is also available for chipped teeth and shorter teeth to further improve your smile.