Reducing Patient Anxiety

Let’s face it, some people feel a bit anxious before their dental visit. At Dr. Rosenfeld’s office, we’ll help you feel comfortable the moment you arrive with a greeting from a friendly team member and patient amenities. For patients anxious about their procedure, sedation services are available to ensure a relaxed visit.

Our Conscious Sedation Techniques

At our office, we use an anesthesia administered orally via tablet. Typically, the tablet is taken an hour before the procedure so that you can feel comfortable and won’t experience any sensitivity. If you choose this anesthesia, you will need to have someone bring you to the office and take you home after your appointment.

Sedation With Nitrous Oxide

Another technique that has been proven to reduce patient anxiety is nitrous oxide gas. This technique uses a light breathing device that is placed over your nose. If you are coming to and leaving the office on your own, we recommend this option. Nitrous oxide dissipates quickly, allowing you to travel safely.

Beyond Sedation: Feeling Totally Comfortable in a Safe and Caring Environment

Sedation dentistry helps alleviate any anxiety that you or your family may feel before and during a session with Dr. Rosenfeld. Patients that opt for a sedation session:

  • Experience reduced anxiety before, during, and after their appointment.
  • Will often not remember nervousness experienced during treatment.
  • Are awake enough to answer and respond to Dr. Rosenfeld during a procedure, but relaxed enough so that they don’t experience pain during the treatment.

In addition to tablet sedation and nitrous oxide options, there are a wide variety of amenities employed at Dr. Rosenfeld’s office to make your experience comfortable including:

  • Comfortable towels, pillows, and blankets.
  • Music, reading material, and television in the lounge.
  • The latest technology to ensure the best treatment outcome possible.

Do you want a treatment experience that alleviates anxiety and delivers patient-centered dental care? Contact Dr. Rosenfeld’s office today at 858-755-1189 to schedule an appointment.