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Dental Bridges in Solana Beach

10What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge, also known as a tooth-supported bridge, is a dental restoration that replaces missing teeth. The implant consists a pontic, or replacement tooth, and one of two dental crowns that are bonded to existing teeth to anchor the bridge. 

When you are looking for a simple solution for a missing tooth, dental bridges can fix one or more missing teeth. For patients who are interested in a dental bridge, we proudly offer this service at Solana Beach with Dr. Robert Rosenfeld!

The Benefits of a Dental Bridge:

  • A dental bridge can fill in the gap left by a missing tooth. They can also be used to fill in more than one gap.
  • Dental bridges are designed to feel natural and look beautiful.
  • A dental bridge is custom made so the restoration feels completely comfortable.
  • Dental bridges are more affordable than other options.
  • A dental bridge functions like your natural teeth. You can also continue to brush and floss as normal.

The Dental Bridge Process:


  1. At your first appointment, the two teeth adjacent to the teeth are shaped so the crowns fit snugly over your teeth. We also place a provisional, or temporary, bridge.
  2. At your second appointment, your dental bridge is bonded to the natural teeth.

At our office, we understand missing teeth can impact your self esteem. A smile is one of the most important ways we communicate with each other as human beings in society. We provide several options to replace your teeth and restore your full, beautiful smile! 

Is a Dental Bridge Right for Me? 

If you are missing one or two teeth, a dental bridge can fill in the gap in your smile. If you are missing several teeth, or if you are missing three or more teeth in a row, you may want to consider a partial denture. 

The best way to discern if you would benefit from a dental bridge is to come in for a consultation appointment. Dr. Rosenfeld will take a look at your smile at help you decide with dental treatment is right for you. 

Post Treatment Instructions for Dental Bridge

Your provisional (temporary) restoration is very important in protecting the dental work we have prepared for you; therefore, we offer the following suggestions to help you take care of it.

  1. After every meal please use the soft toothbrush we provided. Do not floss the area around the provisional crown.  If you must floss due to food impaction, slide floss through-do not pull up.
  2. Please call the office if you feel you need instructions for over the counter relief.
  3. The temporary cement requires about one half hour to set.  Please do not chew during that time period. Remember that provisional restorations are not strong.  They may break or come off.  If that happens, call us and we will replace them.  If you are not where you can contact us use the Fixodent® provided in your after-care “goody” bag.  Replace the provisional on your tooth using the Fixodent® to hold it in place.  This denture adhesive will retain the provisional restoration until you are able to see us. 
    • Please do not leave the provisional restoration OUT of your mouth, because the teeth can move and the final restoration will NOT fit.
  4. Certain foods will stick to the provisional restoration, although this will not happen with your permanent restoration. Do not chew gum or eat sticky foods, like caramels or taffy.  Also avoid very hard foods like almonds.
  5. The color or anatomy of the plastic provisional does not resemble the final restoration in any way.
  6. Provisional restorations may leak saliva or food onto the tooth. Sensitivity to cold, hot, or sweets is not uncommon. This will not be the case with your final restoration.

It is important to remember that any tooth that needs a crown has usually had one or more large fillings or restorations. This combined past treatment is cumulative trauma to the nerve.  Often this translates into transient hot and cold sensitivity. However, sometimes the nerve is not able to recover and root canal treatment would be necessary. This is especially true for fractured teeth.

For More Information on Dental Bridges, Call Us Today! 

To find out more about dental bridges and determine the right option for you, please contact us in Solana Beach today. We are determined to help each of our patients restore their smiles so they can feel confident again. Ask us how our dental bridges can also restore your ability to eat the foods you love.

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