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Dental Problems Corrected by Invisalign Aligners

At our dental clinic in Solana Beach, we offer clear braces for our patients. Invisalign clear braces can correct four primary alignment issues. The Invisalign system generally works faster than traditional braces and retainers and can provide results within an average of 12–18 months.

1. Crowded Teeth

When your teeth are too close together, you may experience discomfort, shifting of your teeth, or excess dental decay that can lead to gum disease. Plaque and tartar tend to build up more quickly on crowded teeth because brushing and flossing are more difficult. After Invisalign clear braces treatment, our patients find it easier to brush and floss, enjoy a more functional bite, and feel more confident in their smiles.

2. Crossbite

Crossbites are a common occurrence that happens when your upper teeth bite on the inside or outside of your lower teeth, or vice versa. Not only do crossbites cause excessive contact that wears on your teeth and causes enamel erosion, they can also contribute to gum irritation and jawbone loss. 

Having a crossbite can affect your incisors and canines, often making them jut out or in and causing discomfort or pain when you bite down. After orthodontic treatment with Invisalign clear aligners, you will experience less gum irritation and find chewing becomes easier.

3. Overbite

Most patients who have an overbite are self-conscious about their smiles. Dental malocclusion can also lead to TMJ issues like TMD or more severe jaw misalignment. Overbites can also make brushing your teeth more difficult or cause discomfort when you eat. 

After alignment treatment, patients often notice brushing and flossing has become easier. Additionally, Invisalign clear braces give you a beautiful smile faster than traditional braces.

4. Gaps in Teeth

A gap between your teeth can also make you self conscious about your smile. In addition, patients with gaps between their teeth often have periodontal issues later in life if left untreated. If you have a gap, chewing can also put excessive pressure on your jawbone and lead to bone loss. 

We want you to feel confident again and to have a beautiful new smile. With an Invisalign treatment plan, you can attain a straighter, more attractive smile and better overall dental health. 

To Schedule Your Invisalign Consultation, Call Our Office Today! 

To schedule your Invisalign clear braces consultation, contact Dr. Robert Rosenfeld in Solana Beach today! We also happily serve patients in nearby areas, such as Encinitas and Carlsbad. Give us a call at 858-755-1189 to find out how Invisalign braces can improve your smile. 

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