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Dental Visits Are Both Safe and Essential

As we learn to traverse a world in the midst of an international pandemic, we may not always know where to step or what to do. That can stretch from how often we buy groceries to who we see face to face. We can’t go without groceries, of course, but quite a few parts of regular daily life have been completely turned on their heads. What is really essential and what is not?

Dentistry is an especially interesting part of that question. With direct work inside the mouth, it may be easy to dismiss your dental appointments as something that can wait until the pandemic has passed. Here are three reasons to reconsider that judgement.

1) What Do the ADA and the CDC Say?

During ABC’s Good Morning America show on October 19, 2020, medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton responded to viewers’ coronavirus questions. These questions naturally included asking whether it is safe to receive non-emergency dental care during the pandemic. 

Dr. Ashton noted specifically that the ADA and the CDC say, “dental care is considered essential health care.” They also point out that dentists have been taking extreme precautions since well before the coronavirus began infecting people.

With this in mind, it is considered perfectly safe to receive dental care, even for non-emergency situations.

We exceed all CDC recommended protocols. To access our Covid-19 Protocol video please click here.

2) Social Distancing is Designed to Keep Us All as Healthy as Possible

We stay six feet away from others, wear our masks, and avoid crowded places all in the name of keeping ourselves and our families safe and healthy. However, other threats to our health remain, in addition to Covid-19. It is still important to take prescribed medications, seek treatment when we are sick or injured, and do everything we can to stay mentally healthy.

Dental visits fall into that same category. This is especially true since much of what we do in an average appointment is preventative. 

  • Cavities aren’t always noticeable from home until they get particularly bad or painful. By that point, they will have done a great deal of damage to the tooth, and require a much more in depth intervention. Catching them early means easier treatment and recovery.
  • The same is true of gum disease. Hardened plaque, or tartar, builds up eventually, no matter how good your home hygiene is, and this tartar needs to be removed in order to have truly healthy gums and teeth.
  • Checkups can also catch other tooth and gum issues before they become worse. This includes early signs of oral cancer or subtle cracks in the enamel.

3) Our Office Follows the Highest Standards of Safety

We want everyone to be as safe as possible while seeking essential healthcare. To that end, we have put in place several safety measures:

Staff Policies

  • We stay completely up to date on health code matters. 
  • We will be wearing medical grade masks and gloves. 
  • We will wash up regularly.
  • We are especially cautious in cleaning our equipment. 
  • We have several high-quality air cleaners to provide a “surgically clean” air turnover every ten minutes.

Patient Policies

We have implemented a number of strict policies for those who enter our office. These include:

  • A mandatory temperature check.
  • A maximum of two patients in the office at a time.
  • A virtual check-in from the car.
  • The use of both hand and oral disinfectants.

With these policies in place, our dental office is as safe as it can possibly be.

Don’t just stay distanced—Stay distanced and completely healthy by maintaining your regular dental appointments.

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