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What Difference Can Sedation Dentistry Make for Me?

If you’ve visited the dentist for a procedure or treatment, you’ve probably been asked whether or not you’d like nitrous oxide before the procedure begins. You may not realize that nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is just one type of sedation dentistry available, and that sedation dentistry, as a whole, can make a profound difference in your dentistry experience and overall health.

As a patient or prospective patient, you may be wondering if sedation dentistry is worth it. If you experience any form of dental anxiety, the answer is yes. Sedation dentistry can make the procedure easier for you and for your dentist. When you’re treated to sedation dentistry before your procedure, instead of experiencing fear or stress, you can relax.

Sedation Dentistry for Anxious Patients

What makes sedation dentistry so great? In a nutshell, sedation dentistry allows anxious patients to reap the benefits of the life-changing procedures that they would do without if they didn’t have access to sedation. A patient’s oral health plays a critical role in a patient’s overall health, but many patients are willing to forgo or skip the treatments they need because they are too afraid to visit the dentist.

Sedation dentistry soothes anxiety. When a patient knows that sedation dentistry is available, that they’ll be able to relax during their appointment, they’ll experience less sensitivity, and that they won’t remember the details of the procedure, they feel less stressed. With access to sedation dentistry, every patient can get the help that they need.

The Sedation Dentistry Experience

A sedation dentistry treatment can be as simple as breathing through a gas mask or taking a pill before a procedure. You’ll be awake whether you choose sedation or not, but if you’re a sedation dentistry patient, you’ll enter a state of total relaxation. You’ll be able to answer questions, but the parts of the procedure that may have triggered your sensitivity, anxiety, or stress, won’t bother you.

Sedation dentistry can make a huge difference in your overall experience at the dentist. If you’re interested in sedation, and would like to know more, be sure to ask your dentist about your sedation options before your next procedure.

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