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Digital X-Rays and Their Effect on Modern Dentistry

X-rays have been used in dentistry for over a hundred years. They were first discovered, named, and tested in the 1890s. Shortly thereafter they were used to take images of the teeth and jaw.

Those early tests produced rough, and sometimes hard-earned results, but we have come a long, long way since then. These days, x-rays are a safe, reliable, and indispensable way to get a good look at what’s happening under the surface, regarding your oral health.

The Shift to Digital 

The shift to digital has affected our entire world, from the use of online streaming services to smart houses, smart watches, and smart phones. Our world is now a digital world, and the dental industry is excited to follow the same course into the future.
Many dental offices now use lasers to perform surgery, and can have a machine craft a customised dental crown while you’re still in the dental chair. One of the major changes that has come to dental technology is the move toward making x-rays digital.

X-ray sensors now receive digital images, instead of exposing film. The images are sent immediately to a nearby computer, rather than waiting for development. These x-rays can be instantly transferred and stored. All of this makes x-rays more efficient and effective than ever before!

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are:

Faster | In more than one way, taking a digital x-ray speeds up the entire dental care process. It takes only a moment to snap an image with a digital x-ray sensor. That image is instantly sent to a computer, which means that there is no photo processing time, no transfer to and from a lab, and no need to wait for a new appointment to hear the results.

This instant transfer is also useful when sharing an x-ray with a specialist, such as an orthodontist, or while sending your medical records to a new office after a move. With digital processing, there is no wait time.

Efficient | Digital x-rays are cost-effective, green, and easy. Without the need for film or physical photos, there is a significant drop in the paper waste produced by our scans. This makes them both cheaper and environmentally friendly.

It also makes them easier to handle and store. There is no longer any need for physical space to keep the x-ray photos, and a much lower chance of those records ever getting lost.

Safe | The modern day x-ray uses minuscule amounts of radiation, and successfully creates an image in a fraction of a second, making them safer than they’ve ever been. We also understand much more about x-rays and how they affect the body. This allows us to take every necessary precaution to ensure your complete safety during a scan.

Digital X-rays are just one step on our way into the future of dentistry. We’re excited to have this excellent technology at our fingertips, and even more ready to see what comes next!

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