Getting Rid of That Gap In Your Teeth

There are several possible treatment options to help deal with gaps in your teeth. Braces are the conventional alignment route, but several trending technologies in recent years, such as clear alignment braces and veneers, can also let you get the perfect smile that you want. During your initial appointment, Dr. Rosenfeld will help you decide the right solution for you.

Clear, Correct Braces for the Perfect Alignment

Invisalign is a new technology that has emerged over the past several years. Rather than use traditional braces and retainers, clear plastic braces are created to perfectly fit your teeth. During your first treatment session, Dr. Rosenfeld will take some dental images and create a plan for achieving your perfect alignment.

Clear, plastic braces have the following benefits:

  • No one will notice that you are wearing braces.
  • You won’t have to go to as many appointments to make sure that the treatment is working correctly.
  • Invisalign treatment tends to be shorter than traditional braces and retainers.

Most importantly, you can take out your plastic aligners whenever you’d like, for eating, drinking, and regular cleaning.

Veneers For Straight, Even Teeth

Every once in awhile, treatment with braces and retainers don’t completely solve alignment issues. You might have one tooth that is shorter than the others or there is still a small gap between some of your tightly spaced teeth.

Veneers are made from composite resin or porcelain. Dr. Rosenfeld can typically fit veneers with two simple appointments. First, he will shape the tooth correctly that the veneer fits. Then, he’ll make an impression and send it off to a dental lab. Finally, your permanent veneers will be fitted in a few weeks.

Veneers can be attractive for patients who want:

  • Perfectly aligned teeth, both in height and spacing.
  • Cleaning solutions that involve only brushing and flossing.
  • Small cosmetic adjustments to their overall tooth alignment.

If you’d like to know more about clear braces or veneers to fill those gaps, give Dr. Rosenfeld a call today at 858-755-1189.