Solana Beach General & Family Dentistry

Solana Beach Family DentistryIn Solana Beach, Dr. Rosenfeld provides high quality care to patients of all ages. His family dental practice takes pride in providing quality dental care to help you maintain the best oral health.

His general and family dental practice will manage your overall oral health with a wide arrangement of services. Each of his services are tailored individually to suit his patient’s needs.

COSMETIC DENTISTRY | Most patients want a smile that is both healthy and beautiful. At Dr. Rosenfeld’s practice he can accomplish this with his cosmetic dental services. Call today to consult with Dr. Rosenfeld about how you can achieve an even more beautiful smile. Cosmetic services include teeth whitenings, veneers, dental bondings, and more.

SEDATION DENTISTRY | Some patients are very anxious about their dental visit. Dr. Rosenfeld provides a variety of sedation dentistry procedures. These procedures ensure your comfort and ability to relax during procedures. Please call to consult with Dr. Rosenfeld about our sedation dentistry treatments.

ROUTINE CLEANINGS | Routine dental checkups and cleanings are encouraged because they are the key to overall dental health. Dr. Rosenfeld encourages a routine cleaning at least every 6 months. He feels that this is the first step towards maintaining good oral health.

RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY | If you need restorative work done, Dr. Rosenfeld can help. He offers a wide variety of restorative dental services including crowns, bridges, dentures, and tooth colored fillings.

DENTAL IMPLANTS | If you’ve lost a tooth or teeth, our team can help you restore your smile and function with dental implants. Your new teeth will look and feel natural.

TMJ/TMD TREATMENT | Patients who are suffering from TMJ problems can receive the help they are looking for at Dr. Rosenfeld’s office. He offers TMD treatments to patients who are suffering from jaw problems and pain.

Dr. Rosenfeld is an experienced dentist who cares deeply for each one of his patients. Each service is personalized to best fit each individual’s needs. He looks forward to caring for you, your friends, and your family, and wants to provide you with the greatest possible oral health.

To find out more about Dr. Rosenfeld’s general dentistry practice, call his Solana Beach office today to ask a question or to set up an appointment.