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Get Dentures for a Fully Restored Smile!

Patients lose teeth for many reasons: accidents, tooth decay, old age, and others. We customize dentures to look great in your unique smile. If you need convenient, top-quality dentures in a welcoming dental office, make an appointment with Dr. Robert Rosenfeld. 

We need a healthy set of teeth to be able to speak and enjoy all the nutritious food that we need. When your teeth fall out, we can help get your smile back in working order. If you’re missing teeth, dentures: 

  • Can replace any teeth. 
  • Look just like natural teeth. 
  • Let you chew your favorite foods. 
  • Let you pose for pictures. 
  • Help you talk normally. 

Types of Dentures

Some patients have only lost a few teeth, while others have lost all teeth in an arch. Some have suffered damage or decay to almost all the teeth in their mouth. 

There are types of dentures for each case. In all types, we customize each new tooth with the color and material that will look natural in your smile. 

  • Partial Dentures | If you need only a few teeth replaced, we’ll craft a short denture that weaves around your other teeth and holds new teeth in position. We can attach partial dentures to crowns placed on your natural teeth. Or they can be supported by dental implants.
  • Full Dentures | A full denture replaces all upper or lower teeth. If you have any remaining natural teeth, we’ll extract them first, measure and scan your mouth, and craft your custom dentures. Then, we’ll place and adjust your full denture(s) after a recovery time period.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures | We place our dentures on dental implants, which are replacement tooth roots made of titanium. Implants will stimulate your jawbone, which could improve your facial shape. Your finished dentures will look natural, feel comfortable, and let you chew any food.

Get Your Dentures in Solana Beach, CA

If you need some or all teeth replaced, call Dr. Robert Rosenfeld. We’re known for a high level of excellent care in a friendly, comfortable clinic. Contact us for dentures or any other dental services.

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