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Hard Core Foods

Hard candies. Ice. Jawbreakers. Pits. Popcorn kernels. What do they have in common? All of these can crack your teeth— especially if you have had dental work like fillings.

At Risk for a Dental Emergency

When you chew hard items like these, you are putting serious pressure on your teeth. Although you may be able to get by with it from time to time, chewing these foods is really not worth the risk of a dental emergency.

When you have had a filling, the tooth has been returned to its original size but not necessarily its original strength. Putting excess pressure on a tooth with an extensive filling by chewing hard foods can damage the filling, leading to further restorative dental work.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

You can prevent a dental emergency by refusing to chew the items mentioned above. We have a few other recommendations that may be able to help you and your children avoid dental emergencies.

Lollipops and Butterscotches

These items are typically sucked for awhile before the person cannot resist the urge to crunch. Avoiding these items altogether is better for the structure of your teeth as well as its enamel. Crunching can crack your teeth, and the sugar bath that results from sucking on candy keeps your teeth coated with a substance bacteria love.

When you just cannot resist a hard candy, suck on the candy until it is wafer-thin before beginning to chew on it. Be sure to brush well, so you can avoid a film of sugar on your teeth. Keep your children from enjoying these items on a regular basis, and make sure they know they should not be crunching them.


This can be a tempting treat on a hot day, and some people just enjoy the sensation of crunching on ice. You should avoid chewing ice, though, to protect the structure of your teeth.

When you want the rush of an icy-cold treat, consider shaved ice or snow cones instead. This can give you the icy delight of a treat on a hot day without putting your teeth at risk!


Avoid these at all costs. Between the risk of crunching and the sugar bath from sucking on one, jawbreakers are a bad choice for your dental health.

Take care not to give any jawbreakers to your children. They often want to crunch these candies, which can be disastrous for their teeth. Jawbreakers are also a choking hazard for young ones.

Popcorn Kernels and Pits

There are times when these items slip into your food. Accidentally chewing on these items can crack your teeth. Check your food carefully for any kernels or pits before enjoying your meal.

When You Crack a Tooth or Filling

Talk to your dentist immediately. Cracks open your tooth to infection and further damage. Any crack in your tooth should be repaired immediately to avoid further dental work.

Enjoy Years of Smiles

By avoiding some of these items now, you can enjoy years of healthy smiles! Talk to your dentist if you have any questions about how foods can impact your teeth as well as your dental work.

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