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How to Keep Your Teeth From Moving

Once you have all of your teeth, you expect them to stay put, especially if you’ve worn braces or retainers in the past. You’ve gotten your teeth into their most ideal positions. They should just stay exactly where they are for the rest of your life. So why have you noticed your smile getting more crooked over time?

Bite Problems

It may surprise you to know that your teeth are supposed to shift. At least a little bit. Teeth move to accommodate bite pressure and this pressure combined with movement allows them to stay perfectly straight if you’ve got a well-balanced bite. Unfortunately, if you have a bite problem or imbalance in your bite, bite pressure can cause your teeth to become more crooked.

Continuing to wear your retainer after orthodontic treatment can help prevent your teeth from shifting back into their former places. Avoiding jaw trauma or seeking a professional opinion if you’ve been in any kind of accident that hurt your jaw can also help. Make sure to replace any missing teeth with an implant or bridge and if your restoration doesn’t fit properly, please call us so that we can fix it.

If you have developed a bite problem, we can help you correct that imbalance with restorative dentistry.


Your habits can have an impact on the straightness of your teeth. Habits like smoking, chewing non-food items like pens and pencils, misuse of toothpicks and teeth grinding can all cause your teeth to shift. Being aware of these habits and avoiding them can help you enjoy a straighter smile.

Gum Disease

Receding gums can cause teeth to loosen and more easily shift. If left untreated, gum disease can and often does result in tooth loss. Make sure to attend regular biannual appointments with your dentist to determine if you need gum disease treatment. Keeping up with your good oral hygiene habits is vital to maintaining a healthy straight grin.

Keep Your Teeth From Shifting By Identifying the Source

Once we know the source of your tooth movement, we can determine the correct treatment. Keep your eye out for signs and be sure to visit Dr. Rosenfeld for your biannual appointments. Your dentist can help you avoid tooth movement and achieve straight teeth again after tooth shift.

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