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Is it Okay to Delay Dental Treatment?

If your budget is tight and you don’t have dental insurance, you might weigh the costs vs the benefits of visiting the dentist. You may even think it would be more frugal for you to delay treating your dental issue or attending your biannual checkup. If this is a conclusion that you’ve come to, there are a few things you should consider:

  • The health of your smile is linked to your overall health.

    In life, there are few things more important than trying to be healthy. We want to live a long time and we want to be comfortable while we live. No material possession is as valuable as the way your body feels and the things that it can accomplish.

    Patients are more likely to forgo dental care if they feel like they can’t afford it, but what these patients don’t realize is that great dental care is essential to maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle.

    The mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body.  Things you need to stay alive like food, air, and water enter your body through your mouth. Bacteria and other things that can harm you can also enter through your mouth.

    Dental cleanings remove bacteria and tartar that could cause you harm. Regular checkups allow your dentist to diagnose and address dental issues that could affect your whole health. Getting treatment for a dental issue may be more important to your overall health than you think.

  • Small issues can become bigger issues without treatment.

    The bigger or more complex a dental issue is, the more costly it is to treat. In most cases, dental problems start small and then grow. Delaying treatment could have an impact on your other teeth and cost you more money in the future.

Living within your budget is an important skill, but cutting dental care can have long-term consequences that are costlier than getting treatment immediately. When you invest in great dental care, you invest in yourself.

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