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Let’s Go Back to the Roots

Many patients are nervous about root canal therapy, but once they understand that it can relieve pain and improve their quality of life, they usually change their minds.

Anatomy of a Tooth

Why would someone need a root canal? It starts with the structure of our teeth. Each tooth is made of inner and outer parts. The inner part is called the pulp, which is a delicate bundle of nerves and blood vessels, and the hard white outer part is enamel.

Cause of Root Canal Infection

If the enamel of your tooth is weakened or cracked, there’s a chance bacteria can get in and infect the pulp. When this happens it can cause painful toothaches. Because the blood vessels in your teeth are all connected, once one tooth gets a root canal infection, there’s a good chance it could spread.

Pain Relief With Root Canal Therapy

That’s where root canal therapy comes in. This procedure removes any infected pulp, which provides almost instant pain relief. The pulp helps with developing teeth, but once our teeth are fully grown, we don’t need the pulp anymore. It’s completely safe to remove and for some people, it’s necessary.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

  • Instant Pain-Relief: If you’re dealing with a horrible toothache because of a tooth infection, root canal therapy is the procedure for you! We can help you get rid of that pain immediately following the procedure.
  • Isolates Infection: Root canal therapy removes the infection completely, keeping it from spreading beyond a single tooth. This will protect your other teeth and prevent further dental problems.
  • Avoids the Need for Extraction: The other treatment option for a tooth infection is pulling the tooth. We’d prefer to let you keep your original tooth if possible. That’s why it’s very important to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Don’t Wait to Treat Your Toothache!

Toothaches are no fun. Dr. Rosenfeld can help you get rid of that pain with root canal therapy! Call now to schedule your consultation appointment.

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