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Post Treatment Instructions

Post Treatment Instructions – COMPOSITE (tooth colored) Restorations (FILLINGS & bondings)

  • Composite fillings are set up right away. The material needs no waiting time before eating or drinking.
  • However, until the anesthetic wears off, after several hours, you could be prone to chewing the inside of your lips, cheeks, or tongue which can cause sores/ damage. For this reason, do not eat anything until the anesthesia has fully worn off.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold can be common for up to a few weeks following composite restoration. Usually, the deeper the cavity/restoration, the more sensitive the tooth will be.
  • If you feel the bite is not correctly balanced, or biting/chewing is becoming increasingly uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to call for an appointment for a simple courtesy adjustment.
  • Gum tissue can be irritated during the procedure and may be sore for a few days as well as the anesthetic injection site.
  • The finished restoration may be contoured slightly different and have a different shape than the original tooth. Your tongue usually magnifies this small difference and will become adjusted to this in a few days.
  • Please bring Nightguards and retainers with you to ALL dental appointments. We offer complimentary Ultrasonic cleaning of your appliances at every hygiene appointment. At dental restorative appointments, Dr. Rosenfeld will check your appliance for signs of wear or damage as well as make any necessary fit adjustments when necessary, if possible.


Your provisional restoration is very important in protecting the dental work we have prepared for you; therefore, we offer the following suggestions to help you take care of it.

After every meal please use the soft toothbrush we provided. Do not floss the area around the provisional crown. (Just until your custom lab fabricated crown is placed). If you must floss due to food impaction, slide floss through, by pulling sideways – – do not pull up.

  • Please call the office if you feel you need instructions for over-the-counter oral medication relief.
  • The temporary cement requires about one half hour to set. Please do not chew during that time period. Remember that provisional restorations are not strong. They may break or come off. If that happens, call us and we will replace them.If you are not where you can contact us, use the FIXODENT provided in your after-care bag. Replace the provisional on your tooth using the FIXODENT to hold it in place. This denture adhesive will retain the provisional restoration until you are able to see us. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE PROVISIONAL RESTORATION OUT OF YOUR MOUTH, BECAUSE THE TEETH CAN MOVE AND THE FINAL RESTORATION WILL NOT FIT. Please call us as soon as possible to notify us that the crown came off and you are using the Fixodent.
  • Certain foods will stick to the provisional restoration, this will not happen

with your permanent restoration. Do not chew gum or eat sticky foods, like caramels or taffy. Also avoid very hard foods like Almonds and other nuts.

  • The color or anatomy of the plastic provisional does not resemble the final restoration in any way.
  • Provisional restorations may leak saliva or food onto the tooth. Sensitivity to cold, hot or sweets is not uncommon. This will not be the case with your final restoration.

It is important to remember that any tooth that needs a crown has usually had several large fillings/restorations or root canals. This combined past treatment is cumulative trauma to the nerve. Often this translates into transient hot and cold sensitivity. However sometimes the nerve is not able to recover and root canal treatment could be necessary, this is especially true for fractured teeth.

If hot and cold sensitivity does not abate, please contact the office prior to your appointment for placement of your final restoration.

  • Soft Tissue discomfort in the few days after a Dental Restoration may be alleviated by using warm salt water rinses.
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 8 ounces very warm water (not boiling)
  • Mix until salt is dissolved
  • Place a mouthful in your mouth
  • Swish gently at least 30 seconds, then spit out
  • Repeat until all 8 ounces is gone
  • Use three times daily

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