Oral Sedation Dentistry Services for Encinitas, Solana Beach & Caramel Valley, California

oral sedation dentistry - Solana Beach

Oral Sedation Dentistry Services

Anxious patients don’t need to be concerned at Dr. Rosenfeld’s office. Dr. Rosenfeld offers different types of sedation dentistry. Oral sedation dentistry can calm and relax patients who normally suffer from extreme anxiety before a dental appointment.

Sedation services can be life-changing for patients who have put off dental care because of their anxiety. If you or your loved ones get nervous or scared about a visit to a dentist office, sedation dentistry can help.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Our oral conscious sedation method is a type of oral sedation dentistry procedure that is administered to a patient by tablet. We will give you a tablet to take before you come to our office. Once you arrive, our team will make you comfortable and assess if further medication is needed. If you take an oral conscious sedation tablet, you will need to arrange for a ride to and from the dentist office.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide sedation is a sedation dentistry procedure that is administered using nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. The gas is fast acting, and dissipates quickly enough after the procedure that you are safe to drive.

Both of these methods are completely safe, effective and reliable. No matter which method you choose, you will get to enjoy the full benefits of sedation dentistry, including:

Sedation Dentistry - Solana Beach

  • Oral sedation dentistry patients feel completely relaxed and comfortable during their appointment.
  • Anxious patients will find that their anxiety has been alleviated.
  • In many instances, patients using conscious sedation have reported that they have little or no memory of the appointment.
  • Patients who use either sedation dentistry method are awake enough to answer questions and remain conscious, but they are in such a deep state of relaxation that even if they’ve experienced anxiety in the past, the procedure will go smoothly.

No matter how bad your dental anxiety might be, you no longer have to feel anxious about your visit to Dr. Rosenfeld. His oral sedation dentistry practice is just one of the ways that Dr. Rosenfeld continually works to make sure all of his patients are comfortable. To find out which method is right for you, call his Solana Beach office and ask about nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. You don’t need to let anxiety keep you from seeing the dentist. With nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation, you can relieve your anxiety before your appointment starts. Contact us today to schedule your next anxiety-free appointment.