Maintaining Oral Health: Regular Teeth Cleanings

Though brushing and flossing your teeth every day are two tasks you should always maintain, these practices alone are often not enough to keep your oral health up to bar. While you brushing and flossing should always be included in your daily oral hygiene regimen, you should also visit general dentist Robert Rosenfeld DDS twice a year for regular teeth cleanings. Teeth cleanings from your dentist are essential the health of your gums and teeth, but they present far more benefits within promoting great oral health.

Located in Solana Beach, Dr. Rosenfeld and his expert team are committed to providing nearby patients with all their dental needs. Within this, the most important thing we can do is offer patients thorough dental cleanings to ensure their mouths are as healthy as possible. In short, professional dental cleanings are absolutely essential to oral health, and you can have them done right here in Solana Beach as part of the general dentistry services Dr. Rosenfeld offers. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of teeth cleanings and the benefits they present.

Teeth Cleanings: What You Can’t Do at Home

Like we said, brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once have long been the most effective means within at-home dental care. Brushing helps to remove food debris and the resulting plaque from tooth surfaces, while flossing works to remove the same from the gaps in between your teeth. Together, brushing and flossing can effectively help prevent cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease, but dental cleanings are still necessary.

You see, regular teeth cleanings from your dentist are for more effective than at-home practices. With his knowledge, experience, and the proper tools, Dr. Rosenfeld can better remove plaque from your teeth, all the while ensuring there are no areas of issue within your mouth. From your far-back molars to tight gaps between the teeth, Dr. Rosenfeld can make sure each of these areas are thoroughly cleaned and free of plaque. With this, you can reap the many benefits that accompany clean teeth.  

Benefits of Regular Teeth Cleanings

Though plaque-free teeth and healthy gums are the two main benefits of proper oral care, dental cleanings present a variety of additional benefits. Not only will dental cleanings help you maintain proper oral health, they’ll help you prevent other health risks associated with poor oral health, and much more. Take a look at the list of additional benefits below:

    Dentists can remove stains that dull teeth, so you’ll leave your cleaning with a brighter looking smile.Dental cleanings help prevent gum disease, which is associated with heart disease, so you’ll also be reducing your risk for heart attacks and stroke.During cleanings, Dr. Rosenfeld can check for any issues that would otherwise need further treatment if caught later, like oral cancer, cavities, and infections.Teeth cleanings keep your breath fresh.By avoiding issues with regular cleanings, you’ll save money by avoiding the need for other treatments like root canals, tooth extractions, and more.

General Dentistry Solana Beach: Teeth Cleanings

As you can see, teeth cleanings from general dentist Dr. Rosenfeld are necessary in promoting proper oral health. Not only that, but teeth cleanings will also help you prevent health risks and costly treatments in the future. In short, it’s best to visit Dr. Rosenfeld regularly, rather than dealing with issues once they arise.

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