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The Safety of Teeth Whitening

Some people talk about “teeth bleaching” when they talk about whitening. Is it safe to have bleach in your mouth? Isn’t that a harsh chemical? 

The benefits of whitening are hard to ignore, though. You might have seen a friend who suddenly had gorgeous, whiter teeth and wished you could have the same. So, let’s answer your questions and set aside any fears or concerns about the safety of teeth whitening. 

How Does Teeth Whitening Work? 

To understand the safety or danger of teeth whitening, first you need to understand how it actually works. The visible material on your teeth is called enamel. Surprisingly, it’s absorbent to certain materials, like a sponge for dark-colored particles in: 

  • Cigarette smoke.
  • Coffee.
  • Soda.
  • Some juices.
  • Certain foods.

Plus, enamel can also get darkened when you’re taking certain prescription drugs. It simply darkens with age, from all the different particles that get into it. 

What teeth whitening agents do is seep into that spongy enamel and find those dark particles. They then gently break them up so that they can’t darken your teeth any more. They let the natural color of your enamel show again. For a more detailed look at the science behind teeth whitening, view our last post here

Store-Bought vs. In-Office Teeth Whitening

Good teeth whitening systems keep whitening agents only on your teeth using dental trays. The best—usually through your dentist—use a custom-selected tray that fits snugly on your teeth. This contains and focuses the whitening. 

Plus, since you’re supervised, we can use higher strengths of cleaning agents, finishing treatment more quickly and safely than store-bought systems can.

Are There Risks to Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is quite safe to almost all patients. It doesn’t require anesthesia, scalpels, or recovery time. It’s very easy and painless for you. But it may be unhealthy for nursing mothers or pregnant women. 

Also, whitening can make your teeth more sensitive to temperature changes. Most people manage this by using toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth—or pain medication. But if your teeth are sensitive under normal circumstances, we can discuss alternative whitening methods.

Visit Dr. Rosenfeld for Whitening and Cleaning

Nothing makes your teeth more attractive than being clean. Schedule an exam and cleaning at Dr. Rosenfeld’s office today to have fresher breath and more confidence in your smile. 

Ask us any and all of your questions while you’re here. The whole team is happy to clear up confusion and put fears to rest. Call now!

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