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Vaccines and Your Oral Health

Have you educated yourself on the benefits of vaccines? Because of recent misinformation disseminated by some hollywood actors and sensationalized by the media, there is still some public skepticism about vaccinations despite proof that vaccines are beneficial and prevent the spread of disease. And surveys show this is still the case—that vaccinations are on the decline and that there are still many people who distrust vaccine safety and value.

A Zogby poll, taken in 2008, asked 1000 people about their attitudes toward vaccination. It found that Americans have confidence in the government when it comes to disease prevention, but they were suspect about the absolute necessity of vaccinations. Surprisingly, those same people worry about the government’s ability to handle a major outbreak. These contradictory and troubling trends have public health officials worried.

How are these false beliefs driving down vaccination numbers? It is theorized that the rise of vaccine-treatable diseases is, in part, because of heightened apprehension due to negative social communities on the Internet spreading paranoia.

The survey indicates that the problem may not be that more people oppose getting vaccines per se, but that there is still some doubt in people’s minds. They have questions that have not been answered to their satisfaction. It was found that 45 percent of people do not think that doctors are disseminating enough educational information to them about vaccinations.

In yet another example of the linkage between overall body health and oral health, human papillomavirus, or HPV, is a virus at the heart of oral cancer which could be prevented by a simple vaccination given as a child.

Dr. Robert Rosenfeld DDS recommends getting all vaccinations, from early childhood through your adult years. For optimal protection, you should even get those bothersome flu vaccinations annually. And if you’d like more information about the connection between oral health and overall body health, call our friendly team at 858-755-1189. We are located in Solana Beach, California. Come by any time for a free consultation and evaluation.

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