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What Can You Do About White Spots On Your Teeth?

Seeing white spots on your teeth in the mirror every morning can be frustrating. No matter how much you brush them, it seems you can’t do anything about those unsightly blemishes. Maybe not with home care products—but Dr. Rosenfeld can help! There is hope, using modern dental techniques. 

What Causes White Spots on Teeth? 

Many times, a white spot is a small area where minerals have been lost from the top layer of tooth material. Acid from plaque (bacterial buildup) can cause this damage. Remember, excess acid often comes from certain drinks and foods that supply carbohydrates to those bacteria. 

Unfortunately, white spots are often signs of tooth decay. They can be a visual sign that a tooth is starting to break down. Avoiding sugary and acidic drinks, along with high-carbohydrate foods, can slow this damage.

Teeth can suffer decay while you are wearing braces if you do not clean around the brackets or wires enough. This can leave spots where plaque was allowed to grow. This, in turn, may often motivate you or your child to brush and floss more often, because white spots and decay are not at all inevitable. 

What Can the Dentist Do About White Spots?

First, we cannot directly take away a white spot, because it is actually an area where tooth material was already taken away—which is your problem. But it is possible to improve your teeth’s appearance if the spots are not too large and the teeth are not too decayed. That’s why you should call us as soon as you notice any white spots on your teeth. 

Dentists can select one of several options to make your teeth look great again: 

  • Perform a cavity correction technique and place a tooth-colored filling in the cavity.
  • Cover the front of each affected tooth with a customized veneer.
  • Use micro-abrasion to remove a little more of the surface of the tooth to equalize the color.
  • Place a tooth cap over the top and sides of the tooth.

If you are starting to see any white spots, call Dr. Rosenfeld to get an early solution. Also, if you think you are at risk of developing white spots, contact us. We can offer preventive solutions to keep your smile white and beautiful for many years. 

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