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What You Need to Know to Prevent Tooth Decay

Preventing tooth decay isn’t always an easy task, but with the right information you can lower your risk.. A large portion of the foods and drinks we consume contain harmful sugars that work to wear down tooth enamel. This is why proper oral care and avoiding many of these foods is essential to prevent tooth decay. Fortunately, Dr. Robert Rosenfeld and his friendly team are here to help.

Our patients’ dental health is always our main concern here at the office of Robert Rosenfeld DDS. We strive to provide the best service to our patients and ensure their teeth are healthy and clean. Decay can be quite detrimental to your teeth, so allow us to fill you in on how to prevent it.

Tooth Decay and its Causes

Simply put, tooth decay is the destruction of tooth enamel, which is the protective layer of your teeth. As bacteria-containing plaque is constantly residing on your teeth, the sugars from various foods and drinks feed the bacteria and forms harmful acids. These acids destroy tooth enamel and leave teeth susceptible to decay. Aside from sugary foods and drinks, tooth decay can be caused by much more. Take a look at some causes of decay below:

  • Poor oral hygiene: Brushing and flossing remove plaque from teeth and protect enamel.
  • High-sugar foods and drinks: As mentioned, the sugar in foods and drinks form acids in your mouth that wear down enamel.
  • Acid foods and drinks: The acids in foods and drinks can make the decay forming bacteria even more powerful in causing cavities
  • Lack of fluoride: Fluoride helps to restore tooth enamel and protect teeth from acids and, therefore, decay.
  • Dry mouth: Similar to fluoride, your saliva also protects teeth from decay by washing away sugars and food debris. A dry mouth lacks the saliva necessary in doing this.

How You Can Prevent Decay

As seen in the list above, proper oral hygiene and avoiding sugary and acidic foods & drinks are essential in promoting oral health. Your oral hygiene routine should consist of brushing and flossing twice a day, especially after meals. This will keep your teeth free of food debris, while removing harmful sugars and plaque. Additionally, brushing with a fluoride toothpaste and staying hydrated will help prevent decay.  

Come In for Checkups

Great oral hygiene, in addition to avoiding high-sugar foods, will indeed help prevent tooth decay. However, you should also visit Dr. Rosenfeld for checkups and cleanings twice a year. In our Solana Beach office, Dr. Rosenfeld can assess your mouth, thoroughly clean your teeth, and provide you with any necessary information.
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